Videos That Open Hearts and Open Business

Grow Your Business

Get the word out with stunning professional videos that tell your story, engage your audience and compel them to contact you.

Educate Your Clients

Inform and educate your prospects and clients with creative, clear, concise, and entertaining videos.

Let Clients Sell For You

Don’t toot your own horn: Use compelling Client Video Testimonials to reach your audience and increase sales.

Why is Video Good for Business?

It would be great if you could clone yourself, personally meet every new prospect, and turn them into a customer. Since we are not there yet, great video content is an awesome second best. By listening and understanding your business, and knowing what questions to ask, we are able to come up with a creative approach that leads to video content that will best tell your story and address your business goals.

Live Action

We call video VISUAL GOLD for a good reason: when used properly, it will generate business. But before you use it, you have to create content that is engaging and tells a story, a video that will keep the viewer glued to the screen and eager to contact you after watching it. These are the kinds of live action videos we create: branding, ads, explainers, informational, educational, testimonials — the exact kind of video content you need to help you achieve your goals.

Animation Videos

When you need to communicate a more abstract idea, or something technical or difficult to explain, an animated explainer video is ideal. These are great for showing something that would have been cost-prohibitive with live action, like filming in an exotic location, having dozens of actors, or building complicated sets. Making the impossible possible, animated explainer videos allow you to take something most would consider boring and make it exciting, even fun. You are only limited by your imagination.

Remote Video Production

Remote video production makes the creation of high-quality video for businesses and organizations easier, less disruptive, and more affordable. We combine an online specialized platform that allows us to capture HD and 4K quality video without the need for a film crew. As highly skilled professionals, we make sure that the end result is as impressive, engaging, and effective as if it were produced the “traditional” way.

See Us In Action

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Leib Productions

We are Video Alchemists. We help businesses achieve their goals by transmuting their raw ideas and aspirations into VISUAL GOLD: professional quality video content that truly reflects who they are and what they believe in.

We are storytellers who love discovering the human beings behind every company and uncovering their passions. Behind every successful business, there is genuine human passion. That passion is the sole generator of trust — and as we all know, without trust, there’s no business.

Start Creating Visual Gold

Take your professional goals, aspirations, and dreams and turn them into visual gold: high-quality video content that will help you grow your business. Working with us, you’ll receive the perfect combination between experience, creativity, and audacity that will make your videos not only authentic, but effective and irresistible.

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