5 great ways to use remote video testimonials

5 Great Ways to Use Remote Video Testimonials

In our previous Video Lion, we explored the value Remote Video Testimonials have as extremely effective tools to help close sales. But where should you post them, what are the best ways to use them?

Before we dive into the ways you can use Remote Video Testimonials, let me stress one important thing: Regardless of the way you choose to create your client video testimonials, they should always be interview-based. That is the only way for you to way make sure that the video will hit the main points that would be important for a potential client. Remember, a client may say wonderful things about you in a video, but if they are not answering questions a potential client would ask, it will not work. Never ask your clients to record themselves and say whatever comes to their minds. 90% of the time, the result will be pretty useless.

So now that you have them, how can you use remote video testimonials? Here are 5 different ways:


If you have a YouTube Channel, post them there. If you don’t, create a YT channel and post them there. You should always have a YT channel. Please do not upload your testimonials directly to your website. Remember that YouTube belongs to Google, so people may find your videos before they find your website. Once they are on YouTube, you can embed them on your website. They will also play smoother this way. Don’t forget to write a title and a description using words that someone looking for a service like yours would use on a search, rather than just the name of the client. These are called keywords.


Embed your video testimonials on your website on a testimonials page that is easy to find. It’s the best way to start building trust with eventual site visitors. Make sure to have at least three or four testimonials with different stories, so they can speak to different kinds of prospects.


Post video testimonials on your various social media channels. When posting on LinkedIn or Facebook, make sure to upload the video file directly to the platform, rather than posting a link to the YouTube video. That is what is called “Native video” – the platforms will give much more exposition to a video posted this way than a link that will take people somewhere else.


Include testimonials in your email marketing campaigns, such as newsletters or as stand-alone emails – remember, this is highly valuable content for prospects. They can also be part of a case study that you send through an email.


Use client video testimonials to help your sales directly. When in conversation with a prospect, tell them you’ll send them a link to a video testimonials. This is probably the most effective way to use client video testimonials. I’ve heard from countless clients of mine how doing this helped them close a sale. Give it a try and you’ll see!

Please email me at info@leibproductions.com with questions, comments and suggestions for topics you would like us to write about. See you at the next Video Lion!

See you at the next Video Lion!

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