7 Proven Ways to Repurpose Existing Video Content and Multiply Your Results

So, you’ve created some video content for your business – a branding video, an educational video, a webinar or maybe some client video testimonials. First of all, congratulations! You did something great for your business, and if you used it wisely, I’m 100% sure you saw results. But as much as the result was great, is this all you can get from your video content? The answer is absolutely NO. You multiply your results by repurposing your video content. That is what we will examine in today’s Video Lion. Come with me!

Repurposing video content means taking an existing video, or its raw footage, if you have it,  and using it to create new pieces of content. This way, you can reach a wider audience and increase engagement across different platforms. Here are some ways in which you can repurpose your video content.

  1. Transcribe your video and create a blog post

Creating a blog post from your video content can be an effective way to reach audiences who prefer reading over watching videos. Start by transcribing your video, then edit it into a blog post that provides value to your audience. You can add images, infographics, and even embed the video into the post. This strategy can also help with your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) by providing more content for search engines to crawl and for people to find.

  • Create shorter video clips for social media

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are ideal for sharing short video clips. Instead of sharing the full video, create shorter, attention-grabbing clips that highlight key points or moments from the video. These clips can be used as standalone videos that will help with your social media presence, or even as teasers to entice viewers to watch the full video. Remember always to include captions or subtitles as not everyone can hear audio when scrolling through social media.

  • Include as part of new videos

Let’s say you decided to create a new branding video for your company, to better showcase your services or products. If you already have previous videos like an explainer about a specific service, or client video testimonials, you can and should use parts of these videos to make your branding video more interesting, both visually and in terms of content. And all this without having to invest more money in production.

  • Make a podcast out of your video

If your video contains valuable information or interviews, consider turning it into a podcast. You can extract the audio from the video and turn it into a podcast episode. This is a great way to reach audiences who prefer listening over watching. Many people listen to podcast while driving, or exercising, so leverage it. Other than that, podcasts are a great way to build relationships with your audience and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

  • Use quotes from the video for social media posts

Another way to repurpose video content for social media is by using quotes. Look for interesting, memorable, or inspiring quotes from your video and turn them into social media posts. You can use tools like Canva or Adobe Spark to create visually appealing graphics that feature the quote. This strategy can help to increase engagement and reach on social media.

  • Create video ads

You can take short snippets of your videos add some graphics and turn them into very effective video ads. For example, if you have a 2-minute client video testimonial, you can take short sections, like 3 to 5 seconds, and build a whole video add around that. You can then use these videos ads in ad campaigns on Facebook or YouTube, for example.

  • Turn the video into a webinar or online course

If you have a long video that covers a specific topic in-depth, consider turning it into a webinar or cut it into pieces and turn it into an online course. This is a great way to provide more value to your audience and establish yourself as an expert in your field. You can use platforms like Zoom or Google Meet to host your webinar or course.

In conclusion, repurposing video content is an effective way to get the most out of your investment in video production. By using these strategies, you can reach a wider audience and increase engagement across different platforms. Remember, the key is to provide value to your audience in different formats. So, get creative, experiment with different strategies, and see what works best for you!

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See you in the next Video Lion!

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