Our Story

We are Video Alchemists. And what does that mean? We help businesses achieve their goals by transforming their raw ideas and aspirations into VISUAL GOLD: professional quality video content that truly reflects who they are and what they believe in.


LEIB means LION (in Yiddish). Like the lion, we enjoy challenges, thrive in difficult assignments, and see every new project as an opportunity to learn and make a difference. We combine over 30 years of experience directing, producing, and editing video content for television, documentaries, ad agencies, and hundreds of commercial clients around the world with a curiosity and creativity that keeps us as fresh as if we had just started yesterday.


We love learning, and that is what we do in every project we engage with. We deeply and truly listen to our clients to learn as much as we can about their businesses and their goals; we embrace our clients’ goals and make them our own. We then create video content that fits these goals perfectly and, above all, drives results.


We are storytellers who love discovering the human beings behind every company and uncovering their passion. Behind every successful business, there is genuine human passion, and that passion is the sole generator of trust — and as we all know, without trust, there’s no business.

Neco Turkienicz

President & CEO

Neco has been directing and editing for over 30 years, and he sees every new project with the same excitement and curiosity as his first one. Being able to put yourself in your client’s shoes, embracing their goals as your own, is a self-requirement that guides Neco to create video content that is emotionally engaging, truthful to who the client is, and, above all, effective.

Neco is a storyteller who studied Film and Television at the University of Tel-Aviv, Israel and started his career as an editor and later as a director in Cable Television in Israel. He directed eight documentaries for TV and worked as a TV director and editor on the Israeli Sports Channel for 14 years. He moved to the US in 2004, where he was a creative director in two NY-based animation companies, working with the largest ad agencies in the world. He founded his own company in 2009 and has been working since then creating video content for businesses. In the last few years, Neco became a specialist in Remote Video Production, which is creating high-quality, professional videos without the need for a video crew on location. His company, Leib Productions, is dedicated to creating this kind of content for businesses and non-profit organizations in the US and around the world.

Start Creating Visual Gold

Take your professional goals, aspirations, and dreams and turn them into visual gold: high-quality video content that will help you grow your business. Working with us, you’ll receive the perfect combination between experience, creativity, and audacity that will make your videos not only authentic, but effective and irresistible.

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