Having a hard time explaining how you help clients? Try this.

As a business owner, I do a lot of networking and meet a large number of professionals. When talking with them one-on-one, I’m many times amazed by the range of very useful services they offer, and it always makes me wonder: how many people know about this? That is when I discover that many of these highly skilled professionals have one problem in common: explaining, in a concise and engaging way, what they do and mainly how they can help customers.

One of my recent clients had a similar problem. He is a financial professional that came up with a brilliant online platform to help Capital Markets Bankers deal with Debt Issuance Mandates in a fast and efficient way. His platform is totally unique in that it helps bankers finish these deals much faster than the traditional manner (sending emails and having phone calls). The result? They can do more deals investing the same amount of time and therefore, make more money. If it sounds like a no-brainer, it’s because it really is.

The problem? You guessed it: explaining to potential customers how it works. My client did a good job of creating a nice website with a lot of explanations, and more people were starting to visit his website, but still, not enough bankers were subscribing to the service. The fact is that bankers don’t have time to read a lot of explanations. They need it clear and concise, otherwise, they move to their next task. It was then that someone suggested to my client: you should do an explainer video about your platform. He was skeptical but decided to reach out to us for help.

After learning all the details about his platform, we created an animated story that managed to tell in 2 minutes what he had been trying to explain in so many words. Once he placed the video on his website, the reaction was immediate: he could see from his website’s analytics that the number of visits went up dramatically, and also that most of them gravitated towards the video. He even got direct feedback from several new clients saying that the video was what actually got them hooked with his platform. You can watch the video we crested fr him HERE

Telling a story instead of writing down a list of features. That is the solution.  A visually engaging short video that tells a story viewers can immediately identify with will do what hundreds of well-crafted words will not.

So how do you create an effective explainer video? That is something I will get into it in my next blog post.

If you have any questions on how to create and use video for your business, feel free to email me at I promise to reply personally.

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