How to Customize Your Business YouTube Channel 

In our last Video Lion, we went over how to create a YouTube Channel. So creating a YouTube channel for your business is very important, but it is just the first step. You want that YouTube Channel to function as a second website for you, so it can help you generate more business. And for that, you need to customize it.

When you create your YouTube Channel, it is pretty much a blank canvas on which you can create as you wish. To start the process, click on the “Customize Channel” button. This will take you to the YouTube Creator Studio.

  • Our first step will be to click on the “Basic Info” tab, to put in some basic information about your business, including a good description, your channel’s URL, and some links to your other media platforms. Most of the information you put here can be changed afterward. Start with your Channel name, if you haven’t done it when creating your channel. Most companies use their company name. Then you have your handle. That is basically a URL for your channel that is easy to share, instead of the long and awkward link YouTube creates automatically. YouTube will have an automatic handle for you, but you can and should change it. For example, we use @leibproductions.

  • Then, write your channel’s description. Write something that is informative about what you do and mainly how you help your clients. But you also want to be strategic: YouTube scans this content to optimize the user experience, so take this opportunity to include in your description keywords connected to what you offer. This will help Google find your channel.
  • After that, scroll down to the links section. You can add up to five links that will show up in the about section and also on the main banner of your channel. You can put a link to your website, to your Facebook page, and to your company’s Instagram, for example. The last piece of information you should add to this section should be a contact email. This makes it easy for people to contact you and is a great opportunity to increase your inbound leads.

  • Then, it is time to make your channel look good. Remember, this is your second website, so treat it like a website. Click on the Branding tab. The first thing you want to add there is your profile picture. Since this is your company’s channel, it should be your logo, to increase brand awareness. The second and very important thing you have here is your banner. That is the image that sits on top of your YouTube Channel, and it is the first thing people see when they get to your channel. Therefore, you want it to look good and to be consistent with your brand. Use pictures, fonts, and colors that match your brand. You should invest some time in this and do it well. If you don’t know how to design it yourself, you can use some tools like Canva, that have templates for YouTube Banners, or you can have someone that knows design make it for you. Whatever you do, please take it seriously and never, but never leave it blank. That would make your channel look completely unprofessional.

  • Lastly, you have the opportunity of creating a watermark that will appear over any video you upload to your channel. That is not only another great branding opportunity but also a way to prevent your videos from being copied without your permission.

Ok, now your channel is ready for you to start using it. For this, you need to start uploading video content. In our next Video Lion, we will talk about how to upload your content and mainly how to optimize it, so more people can find it and watch it.

See you in the next Video Lion!


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