How to Get Referrals That Work 24/7 For YOU!

If you ask any business person what is the best kind of lead, they will all almost certainly say, “leads that come from referrals”. These are what we call “warm” or even “hot” leads. But referrals are not easy to get. Or are they? That’s what we will check in today’s Video Lion

We all love leads that come from referrals, and for good reason. They are called warm leads because they come, how to say it, “half-baked”. They already heard good things about you and are pretty impressed with how you help your clients. Your chance of closing a deal with this lead is naturally much higher than with a casual prospect. The problem is, how many leads like that do you get in a month? And are they enough to fill your pipeline? A referral source, as good and generous as they may be, will only give you referrals once in a while. Unless you are extremely lucky, you cannot entirely base your business on this kind of referral.

“Wait”, you say. “You said THIS kind of referral. Is there any other kind?” And my answer is “yes, there is”. I’m talking about referral sources that can provide you with leads every single day. Actually, 24/7!

What are referrals? They are people who have received a personal recommendation to work with you, either from someone that knows you or, even better, from someone that actually used your services and loved it. And what are reviews? Well… pretty much the same, but coming from someone that prospect doesn’t know personally. How much that matters? Not so much, it turns out. According to research, 49% of people trust consumer reviews as much as personal recommendations from family and friends.

Now, if you have been watching Video Lion, you know that people trust client video testimonials much more than written client reviews. I made a whole video about this that you should check, the link is below. My point is, good client video testimonials are excellent referral sources that can work for you 24/7, if you use them correctly. I have heard from many clients of mine about how they managed to close a deal faster thanks to a video testimonial a prospect watched.

Think about it: do you know how many people check you out online and end up not contacting you? If you check your website’s analytics, you’ll realize that you lost a lot of potential clients. If you had some great client video testimonials on your website or your social media pages, that reality could change. A lot.

To learn more, go to:

The video I mentioned here is “Written Reviews Vs Video Testimonials: What is more Trustworthy?”

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