How To Let Your Clients Sell For You

Last week we explored the obstacles that prevent some businesses from creating and using client video testimonials. These obstacles are real, but the good news is, there’s a way to overcome them and start enjoying the benefits of using such a great sales tool as client video testimonials. It is called Remote Video Testimonials, and that is what we will talk about in today’s Video Lion.

So what are Remote Video Testimonials? Simply put, they are a professional way to create high-quality, interview-based client testimonials that are hassle free for business owners and their clients, professionally done and extremely affordable. Which means, they are perfect for small and medium businesses with a limited budget. Let me tell you how it is done. Full disclosure: I’m going to tell you how WE do it here at Leib Productions.

Remote Video Testimonials are part of Remote Video production, which is a way to create high quality videos without the need for a video crew. We can divide it into two parts: the technology part and the professional part

The technology is based on the use of smartphone cameras, which nowadays can produce HD or even 4K video – meaning, very high resolution. To achieve this we use a platform that allows us, video professionals, to record locally in a person’s phone, as if they were recording themselves. From the subject’s perspective, it looks like a video chat.

Let me give you an example: Our client wants us to interview one of their clients for a testimonial. All they need to do is to introduce us to that client. We do all the rest: We contact that client and schedule a remote video session. We send them a small kit containing a tripod for their phone and a lapel microphone. Why a microphone? Because smartphone cameras are great, but their microphones not so much. So, if you want clean audio, you need to use an external microphone.

After the client receives the kit, all they need to do is download an app. Nothing for them to write down or shoot themselves. They just need to open the app and show up for their interview at the time scheduled – usually for 30 minutes or less. Therefore, no hassle for our client nor their clients! The original footage is then uploaded to the cloud to be professionally edited.

The professional part is that, on the other side of the app you have an experienced video director and interviewer that will ask questions that were crafted in collaboration with our client and that will aim to get answers to questions a potential customer would ask. You know, the famous FAQ. Then, a professional editor will edit the video down to no more than two minutes – because, who has patience to watch a long testimonial?

The video will convey the exact information needed to help a potential client decide to contact our client – not just how great it is to work with them, but mainly what kind of results they have achieved for that person. The video is then branded and enhanced with graphics with all the information needed to help a potential customer connect to our client.

That video can then be used as a sales and marketing tool. How to use it, you ask? You can check out a previous Video Lion where I talked about the different ways to use client video testimonials.

So what did we say? No hassle at all for the business or for their clients. And I also said affordable. That is because Remote Video Testimonials cost significantly less than a professional video done on location with a video crew. And the results are pretty much the same – and sometimes, even better.

See you at the next Video Lion!

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