Our Clients

We Don’t Like To Toot Our Own Horn…

That is why we love it when our clients do that for us.

” We have had prospects say that the reason they reached out to us was because of the great testimonials we have. Leib Productions makes us look awesome in these testimonials. So it has helped tremendously with the leads that are coming in. The process is extremely easy. The pricing is affordable and the finished product is just phenomenal”

—Nicole Hanusek

“The client video testimonials turned out much better than I had expected or anticipated and have definitely helped us to grow our business and attract more clients from start to finish. I would definitely recommend you work with Neco if you have a high-quality business and you want high-quality testimonials.

—Mike Maloy

” I was reached out by an executive director of a Human Services organization because that individual had seen the testimonial from a gentleman that I provided in-kind services. So the return on the investment was massive, because I had no clients and now I have clients and this Human Services client I have is directly and specifically because of the video testimonial from Leib Productions”

—Christian Grieco

“We went down to one of our potential customers, a large communications company in Florida, and our presentation included the customer video testimonials that we got from Leib. One of the product specialists said, “So how do your customers like working with you? Can you tell us a little bit about that? My answer was: No, I can’t tell you, but my customer will. And then I played the video. Boom! Big win! We’re now doing business.”

—David Maayani

“Working with Leib Productions, not only is it affordable, not only is it easy, but you’re going to get the best bang for your buck in terms of ROI for a client video testimonial.”

—Joe Rojas

“The value proposition was a no-brainer for me. It is remote, it’s simple, it’s effortless, and it’s affordable when compared to the corporate packages out there that cost several thousand dollars .”

—Bjarne Viken

“Leib productions is different from any other video company, they put their hearts on the work that they do.”

—Gustavo Gitlin

“Leib was able to bring out important aspects of how we deliver our services and why our clients appreciate us for what we provide.”

—James Graham

“Sometimes you have to bring in the heavy guns, and Leib Productions in my opinion is one of these heavy guns. You get a lot of bang for your buck!.”

—Roni Gannon

Anyone that thinks that remote video production quality is inferior to traditional video production, has clearly never worked with Neco and Leib Productions”

—Charles Devigne

Start Creating Visual Gold

Take your professional goals, aspirations, and dreams and turn them into visual gold: high-quality video content that will help you grow your business. Working with us, you’ll receive the perfect combination between experience, creativity, and audacity that will make your videos not only authentic, but effective and irresistible.

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