If you’re here, you are looking to increase your sales and close deals faster. As a business person, you probably know that most people will check reviews or testimonials before making a buying decision. Therefore, having great testimonials can help you close more sales, faster. Also, you have probably heard that client video testimonials work MUCH better than written ones because they generate more trust – and people only do business with people they trust.

So, if client video testimonials are such great sales tools, why is it that so many businesses don’t do it?

Here are a few reasons:

They are too difficult to get

You ask your client to record a testimonial themselves, they end up never doing it, so you have to keep nagging them…

It’s too much work for you

You know you’ll have to invest time not only nagging your clients, but also scheduling, coming up with questions, interviewing them, filming, editing… and time is money!

It’s Too Much Work For Your Client

Your clients have to invest time writing something down, then recording it – or if you are interviewing them in person, they have to invest even more time.

Results are not good

Many times, the videos your clients send you don’t really talk to the points that would interest a prospect, or they are done in poor quality (video and audio), or they are too long and nobody would spend the time to watch it…

Remote Video Testimonials

Client Video Testimonials made Easy and Effective

Watch a Remote Video Testimonial Example

No work for you

Just get your client to agree to do a testimonial, and from there it’s on us: We take care of scheduling, interviewing, filming, editing – and you get the final product in a few days

No hassle for your clients

Your client doesn’t need to prepare anything or go anywhere; they just need to invest 30 minutes or less of their time to be interviewed remotely, from wherever they are.

Professional Quality

You will get a professional-quality video, with perfect image and sound, not longer than 2 minutes, including a graphic opening and closing with your branding and contact information to make it easier for prospects to contact you.

Valuable & Effective Content

The testimonials are built from the best parts of your client’s interview, the parts that answer the questions a potential client would ask. It will perfectly convey the value you bring to clients and why should they work with you

Hear From People Who are Using Remote Video Testimonials and Selling Faster

“Leib was able to bring out important aspects of how we deliver our services and why our clients appreciate us for what we provide.”


The professional part:

Remote Video Testimonials, or RVTs, are interview-based testimonials, where we interview your client using questions crafted in collaboration with you, to make sure we hit the main points you know a potential client would ask. Your client will be interviewed by an experienced professional that is able to get the content needed while having a pleasant conversation, documentary style. The result is as genuine as you can get.

The technical part:

RVTs are recorded using a professional online platform that allows us to record locally on your client’s phone – as if they were recording themselves – and not over the internet. This way, the video quality is as high as it can be. With today’s mobile video cameras, the quality is excellent, HD or even 4K. Our Remote Video Director will guide your client to get the best image and audio possible. The original footage is then uploaded to the cloud and professionally edited, with color correction, audio sweetening and added branded graphics.



There’s nothing you need to do besides introducing us to your client. We take care of everything: scheduling with your client, sending equipment, remote-filming, and professional editing. Your client gets a cool kit including a tripod and a lapel microphone for their phone THAT THEY DON’T NEED TO RETURN (we said easy, right?) and all they need to do is invest 30 minutes of their time to be interviewed remotely.


Just $530/video, including everything we mentioned. And if you order 5 or more testimonials, you get a 10% discount or just $477/video

Watch a Remote Video Testimonial Example

How Does it Work?

  1. You get permission from your client and introduce them to us
  2. We contact your client, explain the process and schedule their remote session.
  3. We craft, in collaboration with you, the questions to ask your client
  4. We send your client a kit including a tripod and a microphone for their smartphone. They don’t need to send it back, it’s a gift from you.
  5. On the scheduled date, using their smartphone and a free app, they show up for the remote interview, from wherever they are. It usually takes less than 30 minutes.
  6. We edit the interview down to 2 minutes or less, using the parts that will best speak to your potential clients.
  7. We add your branding and graphics
  8. Up to 5 working days after the interview, you get a finalized, high-resolution video that you can start using immediately

Free Equipment Included

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