Let’s Create an Experience

No matter your audience size or business category, we’re here to help you reach your marketing goals through video production. Our team guides you every step of the way, from ideation all the way through to execution.

Live Action Video

An effective video is not a commodity. It is the result of a well-thought creative process. When you come to us looking to create a live action video, the first question we ask is, “why do you need a video? What do you want to achieve with this video?”

For us to create a video that serves you best, we need to understand your business, your goals, your aspirations. We take a documentary approach, which means that we interview relevant people and let them tell the story with their own words. The questions we ask are crafted according to the research we do of your company, and their goal is to generate responses that will best tell your story and, most importantly, resonate with your audience.

Animation Videos

Animation videos are great for explaining concepts that are difficult to explain. But you want your video to stand out among so many animated explainers out there. At LEIB, we provide a comprehensive solution that takes care of everything for you.

It starts from an original script, created by our professionals, based on what we learn from you about your company. And it continues with our artwork, which is original and customized for you based on the needs of your project. By taking this approach we are able to create the most compelling animated explainer video to best tell your story and achieve your goals. And you can be sure that no existing video will look like yours!

Remote Video Production

Being there without being there. With Remote Video, you can create video content for purposes that before you wouldn’t consider doing a video for. Due to its significantly lower price point, Remote Video allows companies to create a large number of videos without it being cost prohibitive. And all this with the assistance of highly skilled professionals that will make sure the quality of your videos is top-notch.

At LEIB, we create Remote Videos using a unique online platform. On the other side, you always have a professional video director to guide whoever is filming. We capture the video and audio on your smartphone or webcam. We also provide additional equipment to ensure clean and professional image and audio. Once recorded, the footage is uploaded to our servers and downloaded to our studios, where it can be edited professionally and enhanced with graphics, music, voice over, and more.

High Quality Video Content to Grow Your Business

Branding Videos

Create a positive image of your brand through marketing content. Branding videos help you make a personal connection with your audience in a way that genuinely engages them and shows the best aspects your business has to offer.


When you would like to convey a complex idea to your audience, an explainer can be your best tool. Explainers grab peoples’ attention and very briefly let them know about a topic that they should be aware of in a way that is meaningful to them.

Informational Videos

Informational videos can be used to educate your audience or instruct them on how to do something. They are great for telling potential customers about topics related to your brand in a way that is straight-forward and easy for them to retain.

Video Testimonials

Help your business stand out with testimonials that speak for themselves. A video testimonial allows your loyal customers to speak on behalf of your business in a personal and professional manner. They are engaging and more attention-grabbing than the traditional written review.

Start Creating Visual Gold

Take your professional goals, aspirations, and dreams and turn them into visual gold: high-quality video content that will help you grow your business. Working with us, you’ll receive the perfect combination between experience, creativity, and audacity that will make your videos not only authentic, but effective and irresistible.

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