Storytelling Will Help Your Video Marketing


Storytelling through video marketing is becoming more and more popular as a way to entertain audiences. The goal is giving them a compelling reason why they should do business with you. An honest story, told in a creative way, can be invaluable for a variety of reasons, but here are a few to keep in mind:

First of all, video is one of the best ways for companies to humanize their brand. An effective marketing video builds trust between you and the consumer by telling a story that is relatable. Don’t forget: video viewers are used to increasing levels of personalization. Take this example from Nike that shows an ambitious young kid watching his future play out before his eyes:

The story Nike is telling doesn’t just belong to a brand; it belongs to an individual with a name who goes through challenges and frustrations on the way to realizing his dream. The viewer forgets that the real goal may be to put them in a pair of Nike shoes because they are engrossed in the story; they are in the shoes of the character.


Visual storytelling brings your products and services to life but the story that you may want to tell does not need to be elaborate and over the top. Rather, let your product speak for itself by centering the story around it. All products and services are designed to help consumers solve a certain problem. Using real-life scenarios to illustrate your point makes it easier to engage potential clients by relating your products to them personally.

The simple act of storytelling makes your message memorable. Most of us are visual learners and presenting a story through video takes people along for the journey. Good stories can make us laugh, make us cry, but most importantly, they make us feel things. This is what sticks a story in our memory. Facts and statistics may prove a point, but video is what will stick your story in clients’ memories, long after the numbers have faded.

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