Using Video To Overcome Sales Objections

One of the most challenging parts of sales is overcoming objections. There are many methods salespeople use for that, and one of them is video. How effective it is and how you can use it to overcome objections, is what we will examine in today’s Video Lion.

Most methods to overcome sales objections are based on a live conversation with a potential customer. But what about all the people that check you online and, due to their objections, never give you a chance to talk with them? That is where video can help, in a very effective way. If a potential client has the chance to watch a video you created that addresses the most common objections people usually have to your services or products, the chances they will end up contacting you will increase exponentially.

Since we’re talking sales, let’s talk numbers. How effective videos actually are in helping potential customers overcome objections? A research done among salespeople by Wyzowl reveals that 91% of them feel that video is a good way to proactively overcome objections in the sales process. More than that, 89% of them believe their business would benefit from using more video in the sales process. So we can see that videos are in fact effective in helping people overcome their objections, and maybe contacting you. There is an additional advantage, also: when people who watched these videos contact you, they are already “warm”, meaning, you don’t need to work hard to address their objections. We can safely say that, in addition to helping you recover “lost leads”, video can also make your sales process shorter.

You can use many different types of videos to address sales objections. It may be a sales or product video, a testimonial video, a FAQ video or even your main branding video. The most important thing is for you to take those sales objections you know so well and make them a central part of your video. Don’t waste time talking about the features of your service or product. Focus on two things: the problem you solve and the known objections to your solution.

That’s it for today.

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