What is More Trustworthy: Written Reviews or Video Testimonials?

We all know why testimonials are important for any business. For one, you don’t want to tout your own horn, but the main reason is trust: who doesn’t check reviews or testimonials before buying anything these days? So testimonials are important, but what generates more trust? Written reviews or video testimonials? That is what we will check in today’s Video Lion

First of all, let’s bring you some numbers to make clear how reviews are important. According to recent research by BrightLocal, 98% of people look at online reviews about local businesses before making any purchase.

Ok, so what works best? Written reviews are easy. Well, I mean, they are easy for you. You ask a client to write a review, and they are the ones who need to write it – unless you give them a pre-made blurb and they adapt it…but then, is this a REAL review? Yeah, not really. And here comes the main problem with written reviews: TRUST.

People tend to look at written reviews and ask themselves: is this REALLY what that customer said, or has it been “embellished”, or “doctored”? It doesn’t matter how honest you are, people will still think that about a written review, since they don’t know you… yet.

I know this is an overused sentence, but that doesn’t mean it is less true: people will do business with someone they like and trust. One of the main advantages of video testimonials is trust: you see a real person talking, using their own words, talking about how you helped them solve a problem or achieve a goal. The viewer sees and hears a real person, there’s no doubt that they are the ones who said it – and if their message resonates with the viewer, the chance they will contact you increases.

There are many reasons why video testimonials work better than written reviews, but the main one, the one for you to remember always is TRUST. Just start using video testimonials as an active tool in your sales conversation and you will see the difference immediately.

That’s it for today.

See you at the next Video Lion!

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