Why Do Businesses Need Video Marketing Today?


In today’s marketing world, businesses need video marketing; video is a crucial part of any campaign. It comes as no surprise that almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service they are seeking, sometimes even before they enter a store. Video marketing allows you to personalize content in a compelling way that shows rather than tells. A prime example of this is illustrated by Samsung’s 2018 marketing campaign for the Galaxy S9. In only 30 seconds, Samsung shows its audience how the new phone’s camera has been reimagined and has the power to “remix your everyday”.

You’ve heard about how a picture is worth 1,000 words? One minute of video is worth approximately 1.8 million words. Viewers are drawn to short, “snackable” content that informs and entertains. By instantly grabbing the attention of the viewer, you have an opportunity to propose to them a direct call to action that, when outlined in text, simply does not capture interest in the same way.

For example, a relevant call to action in a promo video would be providing a clickable link at the end of the video that drives viewers to your website. The offer is presented at the most opportune time: immediately after they are shown why they need your products or services.

Video analytics makes tracking and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns easy: not just by showing you the number of views, but also by showing viewers’ regions, how long they watched for, and what sections of the video were most often played. Take the guess work out of wondering what your audience wants to see. The analytics will tell you and make it easier to maximize your content.

Whether you are looking to engage directly with clients or promote its latest product, businesses needs video marketing, as video is the undoubtedly the most efficient way to accomplish your marketing goals.

Video Testimonials are an effective video format to help your business.

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