Why Some Businesses Will Not Do Client Video Testimonials?

If you heard me before, you already know that client video testimonials are great sales tools, and also much more effective and trustworthy than written reviews. So why do some businesses refrain from creating these videos, when there’s so much to gain by using them?

That’s what we will check in today’s Video Lion

There are a few reasons why businesses will not do client video testimonials.

First, they are difficult to get. You ask your client to record a testimonial themselves, they never do it, so you have to keep nagging them…  and you end up not getting the testimonial

Second, you don’t want to bother your clients too much. Your clients will have to invest time writing something down, then recording it – or if you decide to interview them in person, they will have to invest even more time.

Third, its too much work for you. You know you’ll have to invest time not only nagging your clients, but also scheduling, coming up with questions, interviewing them, filming, editing… and if you hire someone to do it, it will probably be expensive.

Fourth, most times, results are not good. Many times, the videos your clients record themselves and send you don’t really talk to the points that would interest a prospect, or they are done in poor video and audio quality, or they are too long, and nobody would spend the time to watch it…

These are all good reasons to refrain from doing client video testimonials. Or, they would be good if there wasn’t any other option for creating this kind of videos. But the truth is, there is an option where you can create client video testimonials that are interview-based, hassle-free for you and your client, professionally done and affordable. It’s called Remote Video Testimonials, and I’ll explain all about it in my next video.

See you at the next Video Lion!

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