Do Referral Based Businesses Need a Company Video?

Many businesses are based on referrals, and that is great. The question is, how many of these referrals end up not contacting you at all?

The first thing a person that was referred to you will do, before giving you a call, is to check you out online. They will check your website, look for reviews. And if what they see on your website doesn’t generate a minimum amount of trust, they will not call you.

Well, that’s where a company video enters the picture. People don’t have patience or time to read a lot of text. Research shows that visitors will stay on websites with video 60% longer than on websites with text and images only.

Besides, people make their decisions based on emotion, not logic. And nothing triggers emotions better than video. Think about it: you probably remember crying when watching a movie; did you ever cry reading something?

Having a company video on your website, something that tells about your company and how you can help solve a prospect’s problem, will not only increase the time a visitor stays on your website, it will greatly increase the chance that they will give you a call.

So, if your business is based on referrals, the answer is yes, you do need a company video. This will help you maximize the number of referrals you turn into clients.

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