Harnessing the Power of Video Content to improve your SEO - Part 2

Harnessing the Power of Video Content to Improve Your SEO – Part 2

Welcome back! Ready to rock the second part of our Video Lion series on using video content for killer SEO? Let’s crank up the volume and dive right in!

Let’s start by unleashing the textual power: Video Transcripts

We get it, search engines adore text. But what about your awesome video content? That is why you should create video transcripts for all your videos These are like the red carpet for your videos in the SEO world. By including accurate transcripts, you’re giving search engines a bunch of juicy text to sink their teeth into. The fastest and easiest way to create transcripts is using one of the various video transcript platforms online. They are very inexpensive and quick. When you have the transcript, make sure to include it in a page on your website. You can make a blog page out of it, and make sure to embed the video on the same page to reap the maximum SEO benefits.

Now, to the big debate: Externally Hosted or Self-Hosted?

So, you’ve created a stunning video masterpiece. Now, where do you host it? You’ve got two main options: hosting on platforms like YouTube or self-hosting on your website. YouTube has its perks – it’s the second-largest search engine, after all, and it belongs to Google! But if you self-host, you’re driving traffic directly to your site, boosting its authority and SEO ranking. Tough choice, huh? Soon we’ll have a whole chapter dedicated solely to that dilemma. But  now, my recommendation would be to opt for hosting the videos on a platform like YouTube or Vimeo and then embedding them on your website. The main reason for that is that hosting videos on your website will severely slow the website’s loading response, and I think this is a disadvantage that outweighs the SEO advantage.

Then, we have an Extra Zing: Video Schema Markup

This is a fancy term that gives search engines even more context about your video. A video schema markup is a set of HTML tags that you can add to the backend of your site to improve search engine crawling, indexing, and displaying of your site’s content. As it relates to videos you have on your site, it explains the structure of your video to search engines, enhancing their ability to deduce its content. It helps them understand details like duration, description, and even thumbnail images. When search engines have all this info, they’re more likely to showcase your video in the search results, often with eye-catching rich snippets. That’s like getting a golden ticket to the SEO party! Since we are talking about adding code to the backend of your website, I suggest you ask your website designer about that, if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Anyway, we will dedicate a chapter to that issue very soon, so stay tuned!

Now, let’s not forget the small screen: Mobile Optimization

Mobile devices are our constant companions, right? That’s why optimizing your videos for mobile is crucial. If your video takes forever to load on a smartphone, users will bounce quicker than a kangaroo on caffeine. Optimize those file sizes, and formats, and use responsive designs to ensure your video content shines bright on screens of all sizes.

Last but not least, share the love: Promotion and Backlinks

Creating awesome videos is just half the battle. To conquer the SEO kingdom, you need to spread the word. Share your videos on social media, embed them in relevant blog posts, and collaborate with other creators. And remember those all-powerful backlinks? They’re like the VIP passes of the SEO world. When reputable sites link back to your video content, search engines consider your content a superstar. So make sure to get links to your video pages posted in as many reputable websites as you can.

Ok, so now you’ve now got the tools to turbocharge your website’s visibility using the power of videos. Remember, it’s all about engagement, optimization, and making your content irresistible to both human viewers and search engine crawlers.

That wraps up our two-part series on rocking your SEO game with video content. Stay curious, stay creative, and keep embracing the ever-evolving digital landscape.

See you in the next Video Lion!

To watch the video version, click below:

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