How To Get Your Videos Found on Google – Part 1

If you’re creating a video for your business and posting it online, you want it to get found. Otherwise, it will just sit there instead of generating business for you. While nobody can promise you that your video will show up on the first page of Google, there are a few things you can do to help it get there. That is what we will talk about in today’s Video Lion.

Ok, so let’s say you’ve created a branding video for your website. The obvious first step would be to upload it to the website, right? Wrong! Instead, you should upload it to your YouTube Channel and then embed it on your website. Don’t have a YouTube Channel? Just go to your Google account and create one. It’s free.

Why upload it to YouTube and not to Vimeo, let’s say? Because YouTube is the second search engine after Google, and it belongs to Google – and just for that, the Google algorithm gives preference to videos posted on YouTube. Besides being the first thing a visitor sees when they get on your website, you want your branding video to be found on Google searches when people are looking for services or products like yours.

Now, it is not enough just to upload your video to YouTube. For the Google algorithm to rank your video, it needs to know what it is about, what kind of information are you offering there, etc. If you just upload it give it a random title, no description, no links and no customized thumbnail, I can guarantee nobody will find it unless you give them the link.

You need to optimize it. How do you do that? I’ll tell you all about it in our next “Video Lion”

See you at the next Video Lion!

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